Monday, March 31, 2008

Things to be Grateful For

I've had a somewhat aggravating day today. First: traffic. Doesn't it kill you when you are stuck in HORRENDOUS traffic for no good reason? I always think to myself,"okay, there must be an accident or something" but then when you finally make it through there is nothing going on. It's like someone sat there and decided to make my day miserable. To make things even worse, my car overheats when I idle in traffic too long, so I have to put the heater on full blast so that my car doesn't break down. In April. In Florida. With the sun shining on my face.

When I finally made it home, soaked through with sweat I walked into my house and could smell instantly that one of the dogs (guess which one) used the bathroom in their kennel. Don't ask me how, but it was everywhere!!! Even on the top of the kennel. HOW is that even possible?? So, I pulled her out and brought her straight upstairs into the bathtub. (And believe me I bleached that tub to no end afterwards) I couldn't even clean her kennel with paper towels, I had to take it outside and powerwash it with the hose. I really think that these dogs are helping me build my patience for kids (or making me second guess how soon I want kids:)

So in spite of everything I was thinking about all of the things I am grateful for. I have been really worried about school this past month, but lately I have felt so much better about things. There are three weeks left in the semester and I have almost all of my projects done and I am not even worried about my research proposal that I have to present (in public!). Normally, I would be hyperventilating at the thought of getting up in front of people.
I have great friends and an amazing family that always support me and are willing to listen to me complain. Anthony and I both have jobs and are still able to go to school and we don't have to struggle. I have a wonderful husband that supports me in everything. Seriously. If I told him that I wanted to quit school and become an ice cream truck driver he would say, "Okay honey. Do whatever makes you happy." I really am blessed.

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Phambabe said...

Sometimes I have to just sit down and think about all the things I have to be grateful for too, life has a way of winding you up!

How is Dad doing? I haven't heard from Mom since the other day, and I totally spaced out today and forgot to call her.