Monday, July 3, 2017

Father's Day and other phone pictures

For Father's day Anthony got his favorite breakfast: french toast! Plus a few goodies that the boys helped me pick out at Walmart. Anthony was really glad that all the extra meetings at church were cancelled so he got to sleep in. He usually gets up around 6am to get to church in time for 2 hours of meetings before it even starts!

Rett loves our new coffee table: so many different ways to sit now!

After we got home from church, my gift to Anthony was to help him finish the second chicken coop. It was hot and sweaty work so I was proud of myself for sticking it out. We got it done enough to put the chickens in, so blueberry moved out of the living room. Yay!!

One afternoon I was rushing to the post office with the boys because I need to drop off some bow tie packages before they closed. A big thunderstorm was coming and I guess it scared this poor little dog because she came walking right up to us! A few people even asked if she was ours because she seemed so friendly. I didn't want to leave her since the weather was going to get really bad, so we took her home. I made some calls and took her to a local vet to see if she had a microchip. No luck!

So we went home again and I put some pictures up on facebook in the lost animals group and the local news/community group. Someone recognized the dog and tagged its owner who messaged me a few hours later. It turns out that the dog belongs to one of James' friends from his kindergarten class! What are the odds?? They came and took her home late that night. They said they had been out looking for her for hours and the kids were really upset thinking that they wouldn't find her. I was so glad we were able to reunite them!

The dog really scared Lucky, the bunny we are babysitting, so after the dog left we let Lucky out to recuperate and get some snuggles.

I have finally gotten the hang of our riding lawn mower and have taken over the job of mowing. Because of the summer it needs it weekly and each time it takes me 2 1/2 to 3 hours!! And that is just mowing the main parts you can see. Each time I do it I think more and more about how we need goats to take care of this grass for us :)

The boys will sometimes jump in their power wheels and ride around the yard with me. 

There are two trampoline parks in Daytona and since we have only been to one, we decided to give the other one a try. They have a toddler time in the morning that lets you jump for two hours and we were there the entire time!

Rett didn't want to jump in, so he would bounce on the trampoline, stop and then scooch slowly in.

There was a hanging ladder for you climb on and someone told us the trick was to stay on your belly and not on all fours. So we had to try it!

He made it all the way across!

I wanted to give it a try too. The poles really hurt my ribs and my hip bones, but I didn't give up. Also, can we all just agree to ignore my hair in these pictures?? It is literally, no joke, 90% humidity here and the hair cannot be tamed :)

Taking fruit and veggie scraps to the chickens:

The boys have started to really love playing in the water at a little beach park. We went there just to play at the playground and they both just walked right into the water and played for hours in their regular clothes. I think we ended up going back in swim clothes every day that week.

Rett lining up his cars for "a big race". It happens a lot around here.

We took the boys swimming at the beach park again and the ice cream truck came by! James had no idea his popsicle was going to be so big, it was a fun surprise. 

Rett's started melting immediately but he couldn't keep up with it because he refuses to bite it. He will only lick it, so if you tell him to eat it faster, he just starts licking faster. It is hilarious!

James trying to give me a mean/serious face with his bb gun:

Rett wants a picture too. I'm not sure what is going on with the hands in the mouth.

James' being goofy with the suction cup on the bottom of his toothbrush:

Chickens! The second coop is going to be for our smaller chickens, the bantams and the silkies. We are getting more silkie chicks in a few weeks and eventually they will go in here. Blueberry is a large chicken but she is too mild mannered to be in the coop with the other big ladies. They are so mean to her!

Our mangroves we have been growing for a few years are getting so tall!

James's "faith" seeds that he brought home from primary are growing like crazy too!

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Happy said...

I'm so impressed that you drive the riding lawnmower! And so cool about making butter!! Man, you guys do so much cool farmy stuff! I seriously feel like I'm depriving my kids when I read your blog!