Wednesday, February 15, 2017

James is 6!

It is hard having a birthday right after all of our crazy move/house activities because there was no way that I was up for planning a party. So we decided to just have a fun time with the family this year! The night before James couldn't sleep, he was so excited. He came out to ask me to snuggle with him at around 10:30pm so I got into bed with him and told him the story of the day he was born. The next morning he was up bright and early ready for the surprise I had warned him about.

Rett woke up too, but he wasn't ready for the bright lights.

I had gotten up at 5am to drive to the donut store to get him donuts for his birthday treat and for his classroom. I thought when I snuck out that I didn't wake anyone up, but it turns out James woke up when I did and was waiting for me when I got back! (I realized the night before that I didn't have regular candles or the number 6 candle, so he got 2+4 instead). 

Singing him Happy Birthday:

Next to his donut were some clues that sent him on a treasure hunt around the house!

The clues finally brought him to a present and some birthday balloons:

Inside the present was a full set of Rescue Bot transformers. He was so excited! The hardest part was not being able to take them to school to play with them.

After school we waited for Anthony to come home so that we could go to ChuckeCheese for dinner and games. The boys had a blast running around, playing everything they wanted to.

After we got home, James got to open up the rest of his presents from everyone. Rett got him some matchbox helicopters, Grandma got him a hand-controlled remote helicopter, and Mimi and Papa got him a customized mug with his own artwork on it. He was one happy boy!

Of course, we had to do our yearly interview. The answers didn't really surprise me this time, except that he has a hard time deciding a "favorite" of something so I will usually give him suggestions and then he goes along with what I said. Happy Birthday James!

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Happy said...

Dang it, we forgot to call!!! Would he be happy with a belated call and song? You are one awesome mom to get up at 5am for the donuts! And fun treasure hunt! Happy birthday James!