Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beginning of November

We got James' school picture and his soccer team picture. Isn't my boy so handsome??

Anthony was working on expanding our garden to add watermelons, raspberries, and specialty blue berries. James loves to help dig and play in the dirt, so he "helped".

James' class had their monthly pizza day, so we joined him for lunch before taking him home. I set Rett up with a plate, put it in little pieces for him, and left an extra big piece on his plate for later. I looked over and he had bypassed the little pieces and was attacking the big piece :)

I tried to get a picture of James and this is what he gave me.

I did a custom order for my etsy shop of a mario bow tie. I found the fabric for her and I just fell in love with how it turned out! Once I order more fabric I can list it in my shop for other people to buy. I think it will be pretty popular!

Rett loves to say prayers, and he is so dang cute when he does it. He repeats what we say in his own little munchkin voice. James never liked saying prayers. so it is so fun for us to see him get so excited.

I was having a rough day, where everything seemed to be going against me. I told James we would go to a festival that was planned a few cities over, but I really didn't want to. But since I told James we were going, I got everything ready and got in the car. On the drive there it started pouring down rain so hard, I could barely see out of the windshield! I even had a small panic attack on the highway, it was that stressful. When we got there, the festival was cancelled because of the rain, so we went to Chuck E Cheese instead. Both of the boys had fun and once the rain settled down we were able to go home. Rett fell asleep in the car and when I got him out he went right back to sleep in my arms. It was too late in the day to put him in his crib, so I just snuggled him on the couch. It was so nice! It felt so good to just soak him all in. We are so busy all the time, I don't get to do that very often.

James wanted to take a picture of us because he said we were "so cute".

We invited Anthony's parents over for dinner to celebrate his mom's birthday early since we were going to be out of town. James had a blast playing with his cousin Nevada!

Anthony has been looking for a newer truck to replace his for months and he finally found the one! We all drove to orlando together so that he could test drive it. He took James with him and I walked around the apartment complex with Rett.

When they got back from the test drive, he was sold! We took it home and got it registered under Anthony's name the same day. It is sooooo nice to have two cars that we all fit in now. We have the extra car seats installed in Anthony's back seat so now he can go places by himself with the boys when I am gone with the van. The boys love to ride in the truck and get so excited if they get to go anywhere in it. Yay for Anthony!

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Happy said...

Those pictures at the beginning of James are awesome!! I'm jealous of the garden. Awesome new truck! And I hear ya on the scary Florida downpours while you're driving!! It never rains like that here but you should hear how the people talk about driving in the rain here, it's pretty funny. Probably funny to them how I talk about driving in the snow too though, haha. And awesome bow-tie!