Saturday, September 5, 2015

Soccer Fall 2015

This week James had his first practice for the fall season. He has the same coach (yay!!) and quite a few of the same teammates from previous seasons. Two of his teammates are also in his preschool class, so they get to see a lot of each other!

We were pleasantly surprised that James had a good day at preschool (no time outs/hitting incidents, etc..) and then had a great cooperative practice where he listened and followed directions the entire time and didn't try to push any of his teammates. It was an exciting day for us as parents!! Yay for James!

 Doing jumping jacks to warm up:
 A lot of the kids needed reminders to not use their hands to touch the ball, so the coach had them hold their hands behind their backs. It looked much harder to balance that way, but it worked!
They also got to practice throwing the ball in by trying to hit their coach in the back. They love this drill!! One of the other moms got this picture of James and his friends getting ready. They look so in the zone in this picture :)
 Rett gets crazy wiggly and restless waiting for James' practice to be over, so I let him play with the camera on my phone. We got a few pictures in before he started to crowd the camera with his curiosity.

This isn't soccer related, but it was so cute I wanted to post it. James' preschool has a private facebook page that they update with pictures occasionally. This was a picture of his class playing with shaving cream and tracing letters with their fingers. Look at the joy in James' face! (He is the one sitting at the end of the table). He loves going to school and is excited to go, but we are still having issues with him listening to his teachers, being kind to the other kids, and following the rules. He wants to do well and he usually starts the day off in a good mood with good intentions, but somewhere during the day things deteriorate. We are working on things at home and his teachers are committed to working with him, so hopefully it will get better.

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