Monday, August 24, 2015

Phone Pictures

The city renovated one of the local parks recently and James loves to go play on the brand new playground equipment. He really likes going inside this play tower shaped like a lighthouse and he always wants Rett to be in there with him. The only downside to the playground is that it doesn't have a shade cover, which in my opinion is a necessity when it is crazy hot the majority of the year. Look at how sweaty these kids get!

Later that day James actually took a rare nap and he woke up with the craziest bedhead. I tried to get a picture of it, so of course he made funny faces at me :)

Poor Rett always gets the sweatiest when we go places, so I decided to put one of my sweatbands on him. I think it actually helped! I was surprised that he kept it on, so I think he liked it too.

One afternoon we played hide and go seek and I died laughing when I saw where Anthony hid. He totally tricked James! (You can see his legs poking out at the end of James' cardboard rocket) James went into his room and walked right back out again without spotting him :)

One afternoon I wanted to do my nails and my toes, so I thought it would be a good project for James and I to do together. He is always dying for a project to focus on and figure out and he was more than happy to help! He got out all of my nail polish and sorted them by what colors he liked. He helped paint on my cuticle oil and after watching me he asked, "can I have some polish?" How can you say no to that? He was so patient and still that it was amazing to watch. I ended up painting his nails and his toes the same color as mine so that we matched. I had way too much fun doing it. It was like having a small glimpse of what it would be like to not be the only girl in the house :) We ended up taking it off the next day since he was starting school (at Anthony's insistence). James agreed to let us take it off as long as we replaced it with clear polish.

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