Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Our little Sunbeam

The day has finally come! After 2 years and 5 months of nursery, James has finally graduated to the Sunbeam class at church! I thought he would have a hard time transitioning from playing with toys most of the time to actually sitting down in a classroom and then more sitting for sharing time and singing time. In fact, I think he was more than ready to leave nursery! Literally everyone in nursery is almost a year younger than him and for over a month he has been making up excuses to come be with me during church (in primary). So when I gave him the choice of staying in nursery or going to class with his best buddy Carter in primary, he gladly chose going to class! They had the best time, with the most wonderful and patient Sunbeam teacher who has a great structure for their class. James fit right in! I couldn't resist, I had to get a few pictures during singing time of him sitting with the big kids.
 For singing time, the kids got to take turns finding "shepherd's crooks" (candy canes) around the room with Christmas songs on them. When it was James' turn he got so excited, jumped up and said "Oh yeah!". He raced to the piano and grabbed a green one, he said he picked it because it is his favorite color.

A few weeks ago Anthony's parents came over with a ladder to help us put up our Christmas lights. I had a tiny cold, so I wasn't feeling too well. While Rett and I took a nap, James helped climb the ladder and put on lights. Really he just climbed up and down the ladder, but he was very proud to be helping :)

I have to add a few pictures of my chunk. I bought him this onesie at Walmart because I couldn't resist it. It says "Girls dig chubby dudes". The first day he wore it, we went the park and at least two little girls followed him around the entire time, they thought he was so cute. I guess it is true!

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Happy said...

Awesome that James did so well! And so funny about him being so excited to be picked during Sharing Time. That little baby of yours kills me, seriously, who wouldn't dig a chubby little dude like that?! SO CUTE!!