Saturday, June 16, 2012

Loving Summer

We have been loving our summer so far! Ever since we have gotten back from vacation, it feels like we have been going nonstop. James has started going to the toddler story time/kids in motion class at the library and it has been fun to watch him interact with older kids and try to figure out what they are doing :) This past week one of Anthony's sisters and a few of his nieces were in town, so we tried to spend as much time with them as we could. It was so much fun!!! James had a blast exploring their hotel room and the awesome water park at their resort. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to...I need to get a more convenient camera-one that you can just whip out and start shooting. Ours has to be taken out of its case, the strap unwrapped, wait for it to power up, etc... I got a few of Anthony and James playing in the wading area. James liked it, but it took a little while for him to warm up to it.
Yesterday, Anthony and I got to go the temple to do an endowment session for the first time in 2 years!! We've been to the temple a few times over the past years, but never long enough to do a full session. It was wonderful!! It was our first time leaving James with a non family member. Luckily, our friends who watched him are awesome! (We are watching their children next week so that they can go) They have a son that is only a month younger than James and they are best little buddies. It is so cute to watch them play together. As we were pulling away from their house, both and Anthony and I were a little upset. We kept saying, "we don't like this!" and it didn't feel very good to leave our little boy behind. I started to calculate in my mind how quickly we could get there and back and how soon until we could pick him up :) My friend texted me a few times while we were gone giving me little updates and letting me know how well he was doing. It helped a lot!!! We got back right before bedtime and he was having so much fun, he didn't even really react that much when we walked in the door. He was probably think, "man, now I have to go home and go to bed!" :)

On our way home from Orlando, we drove by Universal and I got a glimpse of Hogwarts as we were merging onto the highway. Now I want to go so bad!!! Anyone want to go to Harry Potter world with us?


Happy said...

That baby is so dang cute, I'm so sad I don't get to hold and play with him!! Glad you guys had fun with Joje and her kids. And that's fun that you guys are going to the library story time! Teya always loved it, but Dallin not so much, so I quit going with him. Keep telling myself I'm going to start trying again with him though. Love the updates, keep 'em coming!

teachergirl said...

man. i would love to go to harry potter world. i'm just perpetually pregnant whenever the yen for an amusement park hits! gah! :)