Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby Birds

We have baby birds in our back yard!! Awhile back we noticed a couple of mockingbirds bringing sticks and twigs into a big bush that is against our back fence. Yesterday we were sitting outside with James watching the birds and the airplanes and we noticed one of the birds bringing a worm into the nest. "There must be babies!!" I squealed. Sure enough, I crept up to the bush and saw this inside:
For some reason it just cracks me up that the baby birds just stay in the nest like this all day with their beaks wide open. Feed me, feed me!! It has been fun to watch the birds take turns bringing the babies food. You can't really hear them squeak until the mom or dad bird goes in with a worm. Then you can hear them across the yard!
Here is mom or dad getting ready to go in with a worm. They are really cautious about going into the nest, they will sit and wait until they are sure no predators are watching them. It is kind of fun to watch, but then I feel bad because we are probably making them nervous by staring at them and James shouting, "burgie, burgie" while pointing. (I think it is a combination of bird and doggie, maybe he thinks all animals end in -gie?)

James still doesn't like to walk around in the grass. He isn't a fan of uneven or strange textures when it comes to walking. If we are walking on a sidewalk, it is like having walls on either side of it because he will not walk off of the side walk. It comes in handy when we sit outside because all we have to do is put a blanket down. He will crawl and walk all around on it, but will not get off of it.

We are getting so excited for our vacation to North Carolina!! Only 6 more days!! I can't wait for James to have fun playing with his cousins!! My sister hasn't seen him since he was 4 weeks old! So excited!

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Happy said...

Very cool about the baby birds!! I would be super excited and love watching that whole process too! Love it about James and the blanket. So when are you guys coming to Utah?? Oh, and Dallin randomly brought up "Baby James", as we still call him, today. We miss that little guy!