Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Anthony and I had a really great day with my family yesterday. We all went to my uncle's house and I decided to bring italian sausage apple stuffing. It was a hit!! I only see this side of my family once a year at thanksgiving, so it was fun to have everyone congratulate us on the baby and insist that I eat more food since I'm "eating for two". It was kind of surreal to think that next year we will be bringing our 8 month old for everyone to spoil!

Work has been really busy for me lately. Since finals week is coming up, I usually spend all day coordinating the testing schedule, talking to whiny professors and dealing with even whinier students who missed the deadline for scheduling their exam. In the past week I have gotten emails from professors that have included phrases like "STOP bothering me!", "Your requests are exhorbitant", "I don't know why student x is requesting to test at SDS, she looks normal to me", "I don't know why you keep emailing me, I have already filled out your lengthy form" (he hadn't by the way. At least, not correctly), "I'm confused and concerned by your online system. You need to improve it so it is easier to use" (It is basically the easiest online wizard you could ever use. It has instructions on EACH page and everything is clearly explained if you take a few seconds to read them). I feel like I am running some kind of customer service call center! I don't know how many times I have responded with, "I'm sorry that you feel fill in the blank. However, in order to administer your test we need such and such". There are times when I want to highlight, italicize and underline the word YOUR. Come on! We are providing a service, they should be thanking us instead of acting like we are bothering the heck out of them.

Anthony is completely done with his school work and with his clinicals and is counting down the days until graduation (14 by the way). He still has to keep studying all the time to get ready for his boards in February, but at least he has a few weeks where he can fit in some fishing :) I'm planning on working all the way until my due date, so it is going to be interesting to see how the timing of everything is going to work out. Anthony isn't going to be applying for jobs until he passes his boards, which he is taking the first or second week in February. So he will be doing job interviews and such right around my due date and will probably get a job right after the baby is born. Which means packing up and moving right after he is born...maybe this would be a time to consider professional moving companies? Either way, I am sure everything will work out perfectly. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much already, I trust that everything will happen the way it should.

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