Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contrary to my lack of posting, I do still exist

So, I haven't really had the motivation to any blogging lately. I'm not exactly sure why... I've gotten over my tiredness streak from awhile back (I'm thinking it was just some bug I was fighting off), and even though I am busy, I'm not really any busier than I used to be. And I can't honestly say that I don't have anything to talk about, because it's not like I would often write about big and profound things. In conclusion, I think I have a case of the blog/life blahs. Not bad, but not all that exciting either :)

Work, for me, is going on the same as usual. I am in a kind of perpetual limbo, waiting for someone else to make a decision about my position in order for me to be able to make a decision for myself. I'm not the best at waiting around to make decisions. I like to make a choice and then take action!! Like, right now, today! The fact that I have been waiting to figure out what is going with my job for the past four months now and that it will continue for the next three tells you what kind of "character building" I've been going through. Anthony always laughs at me when we get to talking about what I want to do, because I always end up trying to make a plan for each scenario:
So, if she makes this decision, then I can do x, y, z. BUT, if she makes this other decision, then I can do a, b, c. OR, if she doesn't make a decision at all, then I can plan on e, f, g." You get the idea. In the end, I am lucky that I do have options even if it makes the decisions harder to make.

School for Anthony is going much better this semester than last semester. He really likes his clinical placement, he is with a family practice doctor at a clinic about 18 miles away from our house. The doctor he is working with is really nice and even though Anthony doesn't get so see too much variety of conditions he at least gets to work with a really good preceptor.

Other than that, we really haven't been doing much besides our callings and vegging out in front of the TV. Thinking of that, I will leave you with something truly horrific that I saw last week on Antiques Roadshow. It is an early 1900's children's toy:

The best part is, it rolls towards children when they touch it. The appraisers described this as "charming" and "cute". He forgot to mention, "CREEPY!"


Happy said...

Glad you're back! I totally think you should post more often. But not becuase I'm obsessed with blogs or anything.... Keep keepin' up updated!
And the pig thing was really funny.

Mom and Dad Lagana said...
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Mom and Dad Lagana said...

I had to rewrite this to correct a typo.
I love reading your blogs about your life and what you and Anthony are doing.
But THAT PIG!!!!! Oh My Gosh!!!!!