Saturday, January 2, 2010

Family Portraits 2009

While we were in Ohio all together as a family, my sister wanted to make sure she took some family pictures. I can't stress enough how talented a photographer she is!!! She has such a good eye for things and I totally get/love her style of photography. We took the pictures in the snow, so it was pretty cold but she still ended up with a serious amount of photos. They take a long time to process to get them up to her standards (which are high because she is so good :)but luckily she gave us these to begin with. The entire family
The boys Me and my brothers Me and my mommy :) Me and my big sister.
Aren't they fabulous? And these are just the beginning! There were so many more favorites of mine that I glanced at while she was going through them. Seriously, now I want her to come and take pictures of me on a regular basis for any and all occasions. If you ever need pictures done around the Ohio area, she is the best person to go to for sure!


Happy said...

They really are great pictures, she is very talented! You look absolutely gorgeous in all of them!

Phambabe said...

You are so awesome! You make me feel very good about myself and my pictures, which is something that no one else does, and I really appreciate it! I am glad you like the pictures, it's easy to take pictures of such beautiful people!!

The Driaza Jrs. said...

These photos are fabulous. I saw them on facebook, but didn't want to overload you with "like" notifications. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!

Astorga Crew said...

That's Gaby? She looks fabulous! Great photos!